Increase in Sabah 4G coverage following Jendela initiative

23 Dec 2023 - Daily Express

On current internet penetration in Sabah, Dr. Mohd Ariffin said 4G mobile broadband coverage in populated areas in Sabah is 90.54pc, as of the third quarter in 2023 compared to 73.41pc prior to the implementation of National Digital Networking Plan (Jendela) in the second quarter of 2020.'

For network expansion from 4G to 5G, a total of 437 sites out of the planned 622 sites have been completed by DNB and this brings the 5G coverage in Sabah to 53.2pc of the population in populated areas.

On any plan to improve internet connection in rural schools with Point of Presence (PoP), he said PoP is under Ministry of Communications and Digital Malaysia (MCD) and its agency MCMC whereby for its Phase 1, a total of 59 schools and surrounding communities have been able to subscribe to fixed broadband packages. 

He said eight more PoP under Phase 1 projects for industrial locations are still underway. The initiative continues through PoP Phase 2, where 636 school locations in Sabah are involved and are still under implementation.

“A point-of-presence (POP) is a point or physical location where two or more networks or communication devices build a connection from one place to the rest of the internet. PoP is a location, facility or access point that connects to and helps other devices establish connections to the internet. 

“PoPs are a bridge between local users and the wider internet community. They reduce the distance data travels, thereby improving connection speeds and reducing latency. Without them, users would experience slower connections and more frequent disruptions.

“In addition to enhancing user experience, PoPs also play a significant role in cost reduction. By shortening the route data takes to reach its destination, companies can save on the costs associated with data transmission,” he said.


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