CelcomDigi continues to offer free 5G access on postpaid, new 5G Booster plan with 30GB data from RM10/month

02 Jun 2023 -

The Free 5G access trial offer by CelcomDigi ended on 31st May 2023 and prepaid users are now required to purchase 5G booster passes which start from RM3 per day. However, if you’re a Celcom or Digi postpaid customer, you can continue to enjoy 5G for free as CelcomDigi continues to offer free 5G Booster to eligible customers.

If you’re on a Celcom or Digi postpaid plan that costs RM90/month and above, you are able to enjoy 5G access for free. However, for users on a postpaid plan below RM90/month, CelcomDigi has extended the free 5G access offer until the 30th June 2023. After the free 5G access period is over, you’ll have to pay RM10/month to enjoy 5G using your existing quota.

If you need more data, CelcomDigi is also offering a 5G Booster option with 50% additional data quota. Users on a postpaid 90 plan and above can get a 5G booster with 30GB extra quota for RM10/month. But if you’re on a plan below RM90/month, the same 5G booster with 30GB of data is offered for RM20/month.

This 50% Bonus quota offer is available until 30th September 2023. Unlike prepaid, there’s no mention of a 100Mbps speed cap for postpaid users. For postpaid users with extra supplementary lines, take note that the 5G booster quota is only applicable to your main line and it is not shareable with other supplementary lines.

List of eligible CelcomDigi postpaid plans for 5G Booster

The 5G booster plans are only offered to the following plans. According to the FAQ, if your plan is not listed, you are urged to switch to a newer plan that’s eligible for 5G.

Eligible Celcom Postpaid Plans for 5G booster

Eligible Digi Postpaid Plans for 5G booster

For more info, you can visit the respective 5G pages on Celcom and Digi.


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